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Ämne: Hello! Trying to identify this Ekenäs engraved vase

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    Hello! Trying to identify this Ekenäs engraved vase


    Thank you for allowing me to join the forum. I collect engraved Swedish glass made from 1930 to 1980. I have many pieces, and some I have learned a lot about, but others I have not. This vase is unusual because of the scale of the woman's face. It really fills the front of the vase, and her arm is tucked in at the bottom, holding the fan. It is marked "Ekenäs Sweden L657/S112 or L657/G112." I would like to know who designed it, who engraved it, and when it was made, if possible.

    I bought it from a man in the U.S. who said it came from his mother-in-law's estate.

    Thank you for any help you can give me on this piece or on the Ekenäs numbering system.


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    John Orvar Lake Ekenäs glasbruk

    The designer for this glass objekt i John Orvar Lake (1921-2007) and he worked for Ekenäs glassfactory 1953-1976. Probably is this vase from Scan-Inc, Van Nuys, California, the agency for Ekenäs in USA. It is probably made in 1960th.

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    Thank you, Bay!
    Do you know how the numbers match with dates or designers at Ekenäs?

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    Seniormedlem Lars Ms avatar
    apr 2009
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    En vas 15 cm hög och 4,5 cm Ø och signerad J-O Lake.
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