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2010-11-21, 00:22
A new book has been published with the title "BLUE HENRY - THE ALMOST FORGOTTEN STORY OF THE BLUE GLASS SPUTUM FLASK". It is the fascinating history of the blue glass bottle which has been essential in the fight against tuberculosis between 1889 and the 1930s.

The book goes into detail about the history, the necessity, the social stigma, the various makes and models and patents of sputum bottles which are now very rare. It also goes into the backgrounds of the sanatorium movement, and its history in the first world war. A fascinating chapter outlining the lives of famous people who contracted tuberculosis is includeed, and an outline of the situation today - almost 2 million people still die from the disease today.

For details of the book, please visit www.bluehenry.co.uk . Despite its grim subject, the book is light in tone, sometimes even funny. There are almost 170 pictures.

2010-11-21, 11:32
Hello Ivo!
Great, it´s finally finished! Congrats!