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2006-10-31, 20:13
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"Hello, I'm hoping that you speak english as unfortunately I don't speak swedish, so I don't know how to join your site or if I can?

I have a picture attached here that I thought might be gullaskruf by kjell blomberg, but the top shape is different to those I've seen...it is not signed...are you able to help?

Thank you for your time - your site has some great pictures.
Kind regards

2006-10-31, 20:35
Very beautiful!!! (and nice picture)
Looks very much like Kjell Blomberg's work. To be sure we have to wait for the verdict from our expert members.

2006-11-01, 04:42
Hi Cathy,

Being on a business trip, I do not have access to all of my reference materials, but I agree with you (and Ballonggreven) that this is in all likelyhood a piece designed by Kjell Blomberg for Gullaskrufs glassworks. Hopefully, Raoul will be able to confirm this if he reads this, otherwise I will check this when I get home next week.

2006-11-02, 02:18
Hello Bruce, Ballonggreven and cjf, hopefully I'm in the right place to make a comment - thank you very much for posting my email & also the comments.
I have been trying to identify this piece for a while & found some pictures in a book that looked very smilar but with the tulip type top. This site seemed to be the best place on the internet for information, but unfortunately I couldn't read it...I'll keep trying though, I have a few Swedish words now & it does seem similar to english in structure
Thanks again & I'll be looking forward to your experts' opinions

Raoul Karlsson
2006-11-04, 08:08
Hello Cathy.
Kjell Blomberg 1958 #101, for Gullaskruf (kb58/101).

2006-11-06, 02:50
Hello Cathy.
Kjell Blomberg 1958 #101, for Gullaskruf (kb58/101).

Hello Raoul, thanks a heap for that - I really appreciate your time - & envy your library :)
Best regards

Raoul Karlsson
2006-11-07, 19:42
thx Cathy - btw, very nice photo.

2006-11-08, 07:56
I have a photo, and I´m not afraid to use it! :cool: